Commission #2: Standalone Short Story | Meghan's Revenge

The second generous patron to grab a commission slot in October was Naavi, who is a fan of the Size Check stories and wanted me to pen a standalone adventure starring characters they'd created, while allowing me full freedom to embellish gratuitously. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience with a writing commission, Naavi contributed some great ideas to build on, and we're both pleased as punch with the result!

Note: This is not a continuation of Kim & Jenna's showdown with Felicia, that's still in the works, coming up soon. Going forward each new "episode" of Size Check will feature new characters, situations, and methods of proving superiority, while popular characters like Kim & Jenna may return if chosen in future votes.

The 40 page PDF is attached at the bottom of the post. This story is 12,100 words. Thank you, generous friends and futa fans, for your continued support! Please enjoy this saucy muscle-futa feast, available now to all patrons!

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