The Futa Stripper

    Sandra was bored.  She loved her job, but sometimes it was just so… repetitive.  Every night another crowd of drunken college girls would pour into the club, eager to receive a load of hot cum splashed across their chests.  Every day, Sandra pumped up her athletic body at the gym, and every night she put it on display in a show that had earned her quite the reputation.


    Up on stage she would roll her hips seductively, making sure her abs flexed into a rock hard 8-pack as she danced.  Arms behind her head, gripping the pole, she'd slowly sink down until her bulging panties touched the floor, then straighten her legs as she rose up again, powerful quads bunching with muscle.  After a few ups and downs her cock would be so engorged it would spring free from her bottoms all on its own, swaying thickly in the tinted lights.  Once it reared its swollen pink head, all eyes were on her.


    For a while longer, she would dance, not touching her growing member, just letting it bob and sometimes slap against her tight body.  Occasionally it would throb and let loose a little spurt of precum, an appetizer.  The girls in the audience would clamor and fawn over her from the front row, throwing bills and phone numbers that quickly covered the stage.  They all wanted her spunk.  It was funny, Sandra thought, how they acted like there wouldn't be enough to go around.


    When she decided the girls couldn't take any more teasing, she began to jerk off in front of them.  Slowly at first, up and down the entire length, scooping up a dollop of pre from the head and smearing it town to the thick base.  Each time her hand reached the base she would squeeze tightly and shake the still-growing member until it became too thick for her fingers to completely close around its girth.


    One of the girls in the front row was watching the fat cock bob up and down, her eyes completely fixed on it.  Her mouth was hanging open slightly and when Sandra tugged on her cock and caused a hearty flow of precum to splatter onto the stage, the girl swallowed reflexively.  Sandra slid her practiced fingers up to just below her flared cockhead, now fully engorged.  Gently she massaged just under the lip, twisting her hand in a circular motion to stimulate the sensitive cockflesh.


    The girl in the audience let her gaze travel from the thick cock, up the dancer's muscular arm, and found Sandra was looking right at her with a raised eyebrow.  Sandra's eyes flicked down to the girls shirt, stretched tight over her ample chest.  And that was all it took, the shirt was lifted and a pair of big perfect tits were bared for the dancer's approval.  Not wanting to be outdone, the other girls in the audience followed suit.  Soon there was so much exposed cleavage it could have been Mardi Gras.


    Sandra's eyes swept over the crowd, taking in the row of bouncing breasts as she shifted her stance, trying to select who would be the lucky girl to receive the first load of the evening.  It only took a few more quick pumps before she let loose, gushing a heavy load of thick white cum all over her admirers' chest and neck.  The crowd cheered.  Sandra sighed.


    She still had hours to go before her shift was over.  And that meant more stroking, and more cumming, until she would clock out and head home, to exhausted to do anything but sleep, still dying for a real fuck.  Maybe tonight she would take off early.  Find this girl after the show, take her out for a drink, invite her home.


    But here she was, standing on stage with her thick cock in hand, watching two girls covered in her spunk make out with each other.  "Then again," Sandra thought as a hint of a smile crossed her lips, "this isn't so bad..."  And she resumed her stroking.