The Photoshoot

     The bulge in her swimsuit was now too big to ignore.  Very clearly a thick cock, it was tenting out the fabric of her bikini briefs, thrusting them away from her hips so that a couple throbbing inches at the base of her dick were visible.  As she was rapidly becoming fully engorged, the bikini bottoms began to slip little by little, and the shape of her broad cockhead was traveling towards the edge of her suit.


     The photographer cleared his throat “Ok Victoria, remember we are focusing on your muscles here, this is a family friendly magazine…”

     Tori glanced down at her member inching its way towards freedom.  “Oh gosh, sorry!  I was getting into the flexing, it just happens sometimes.”  The photographer had a hard time meeting her eyes as she spoke to him, but he managed to tear his view away from her straining package for a moment.


     “It’s OK, you can take a moment to… er, calm down if you like.”


     Tori eyed her still-growing member and prodded it with a finger.  “That will probably take a while.  If you want I can just beat off, and it will go down.  Do you have something for me to, um, cum into?  I don’t want to make a mess.”


     The Photographer swallowed and found his throat suddenly very dry.  “I… I…” he stammered.


     “Oh I’m sorry, should I go do it in the bathroom?  I don’t want to be unprofessional.”  Her eyes were wide and eyebrows raised, her face a mask of pure innocence.


     The photographer found his voice at last.  “No!  No, it’s quite alright.  You can take care of it here.”  Silence hung for a moment and he realized he sounded a little too desperate.  “It’s a standard practice, happens with most of my models.” He added hastily.  It was a lie, but once she’d suggested what she had, he realized he really wanted to watch.


     Tori relaxed a little, and even felt a swell of pride at being compared to real models.  She smiled, reached down, and slipped the stretched fabric of her bikini bottoms down, letting her meaty cock thrust out into the cool studio air, swaying gently as it continued to inflate.  The photographer’s breath caught in his throat, and he struggled to maintain composure as he marveled at the full extent of her endowment.


     She placed a delicate hand on the growing appendage and pushed it down.  As she did, the photographer could see the subtle veins running along her length pulse and thicken, carrying blood to the engorging head.  When she let go, her meaty prick sprung up, a little longer and thicker than it had been, and angled a little higher angle than before.  She repeated this a few times until her dick reached its full intimidating size.  It was thick enough now that her hand could close around only two thirds of the shaft.  She shook it gently as a bead of precum formed at the tip and dripped off onto the floor.


     “So where should I…”  Tori’s sweet girlish voice broke the photographer’s silent reverie.  Remembering his earlier claim, he looked around wildly for a receptacle she could empty herself into.  Over by the wall was a tall vertical box he used for storing tripods and light stands.  It was about 3 feet high and thankfully empty, so he could pretend taking a load of model cum was it’s intended purpose.


     “You can use that.” He said pointing at the box.  “Let me know if you need any… anything.”


     “Thanks, it shouldn’t take long.” Tori breathed, already getting to work stroking up and down her long shaft.  Luckily she was no longer paying attention to the photographer, as he was staring at her with his mouth open, gawking unabashedly.  He studied the way her solidly muscled body flexed as she pumped her thick meat.  The way her deeply cut abs stood out as she breathed.  Her bicep straining as her arm worked up and down.


     A steady flow of precum had begun to weep from her broad head, and was dripping to the floor with each stroke.  Seeing this, Tori took a couple steps over to the box on the wall, leaving a little trail of clear precum in her path.  She wanted to apologize for making a mess, but the pleasure radiating from her erect member was jumbling all her thoughts, making it impossible to form a coherent sentence.


     Tori faced the wall giving the photographer a spectacular view of her heavily muscled back, bunching and rippling in a way ordinary posing could never achieve.  He could no longer see her thrusting her cock through her fist, but the way her chiseled buttocks were clenching and unclenching, it was clear she was pumping that cock for all she was worth.  


     The only sound in the studio was Tori’s soft but urgent breathing, and the occasional splattering of precum inside the box.  Her pace quickened, and a high pitched little moan escaped her lips.  She stood up on her toes, flexing her diamond shaped calves to bulge out from her defined legs.  And then, a heavy splattering of cum against the wall.  The first stream had enough force to reach a height on the wall above her head.  From behind, the photographer could see the thick white spunk dripping down, where it was joined by another heavy load, and another.  She came powerfully, and without showing any signs of slowing.  The box slowly began to fill with her sloshing seed, and the loads she was pumping out were not diminishing, each almost as copious as the first.


     After a full minute, her pace began to slow, and she stopped pumping, letting the last few pulses empty on their own, still having enough force to reach the wall.


     The photographer appeared beside her and handed her a towel.  “That was very… impressive.”


     Tori was grinning ear to ear in a post-orgasmic glow.  “Hah, yea.  My doctor always says I cum like a racehorse.” She chuckled bashfully.


     Wiping herself down with the towel, she tucked her softening member back into her bikini bottoms.  It was still a healthy bulge, but no longer threatening to rip free at any moment.


     They continued the photoshoot, with Tori flexing her powerful muscles at the photographer’s request.  Double bi, most muscular, abdominals, she hit each one with a cheerful smile as the shredded muscles stood out all over her young body.  But the photographer’s mind was replaying what it had just seen over and over.  All his life he had thought his dream was to photograph the biggest and best female bodybuilding had to offer, and if they should happen to be futa’s, all the better.  But he had a new dream now, a new purpose.  He had to see this girl get off again, had to see her thick cock set free.  And he had to get it on film.